Jan 1, 2017

Howtek D4000 Drum Scanner Intro Post

I have a friend, let's call him JF. JF works at a southern California camera store and so sees lots of interesting and unique pieces of gear come through as the owners want to trade up or clean house.

One of the more unique and interesting pieces he saw was a drum scanner, made sometime in the 1990s by Howtek. This company is still around and still actively services these relics, and they still are top of the class for image quality when it comes to digitizing negatives and slides. JF had someone give the store/him one of these models plus a whole bunch of accessories but it wasn't the right timing for him to be able to put it to use so he passed it on to me and I dragged it recently to New Mexico along with a Mac G4 tower to drive it.

Quick breakdown of specs:
-Scan area of roughly 10x11"
-4000 true DPI scanning resolution. Lots of consumer scanners (anything flatbed) will claim that high or higher but drum scanner pixels are worth 2-5 flat bed scanner pixels.
-Basically the top of the line for digitizing anything not already made of pixels.

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