Feb 20, 2017

30-30-30 : Day 06 : Fuji Instax Mini 8

Setup for Day 06 (Feb 20th, 2017):

Camera: Fuji Instax Mini 8 original gray version
Lens: Fuji somethingsomething
Film: Polaroid 300 (AKA Fuji Instax Mini), expired 2013

Mini-review of the setup:

Camera: Flash is pretty much always on and starts affecting images any time of day that isn't high noon. Does a decent job of matching exposure to ambient light but it looks like an on-camera flash. Oh well, there's two controls on this camera so you can't expect (or need) anything else.

Shutter button is responsive, only lag really is when it needs to charge the flash more. Icons around the lens are supposed to be a helpful guide to getting the right exposure but it's not exactly intuitive. I should probably read the manual but it seems like with something this simple I shouldn't need a manual.

I noticed on some images the field of view is considerably wider than what the viewfinder covers. Sometimes it was much closer to what I was expecting.

Have not shot too much with this, I bought it mainly to process Instax shot in other cameras but it's pretty much fool proof and fun to forget all the technical bits and just concentrate on showing what you want to show.

Lens: Not sure what it is, but it doesn't matter. Plastic? Glass? Really...doesn't matter. It's not great but it's not terrible.

It's slow (small max aperture) so no dreamy, blurred backgrounds with this setup, and from what I have seen with putting Instax into other cameras with better lenses, the lens here is the weak link for image quality, same as the Instax 200 is for Instax Wide film.

Film: This was bought for $1, because it was expired. Can't complain about the price, and hopefully not being very old, it shouldn't show much color cast. I've shot Polaroid materials that are much older that still look good. The Polaroid MIO was basically the same camera but a different body. Takes the same film, or the Polaroid 300 like this film is. Polaroid never had anything rebadged for them for the Instax Wide, to my knowledge.

Yep, it looks pretty darn good. Colors are close to reality, plenty of contrast. It's not "creative" looking like the considerably more expensive Impossible Project films but for bringing to a party and having people be able to take home physical objects as reminders, it is great.

Before you look at the photos, please note that my Cancan 9000F would simply not scan these without some sort of lines through them. If you see any defects, that is simply from the scanner having some sort of issue and not the film, even though it is expired!

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